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Won't be using this blog anymore. Note this*

 and yeah I shifted to TUMBLR ! :D


Although I won't be that active . But then once in awhile . Will got something up there lah :D

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Scouts 132nd Petaling Jaya

132nd Petaling Jaya Court of Honor decided to make Halangan Komando as the last official meeting' activity.It was pretty fun ! They enjoyed a lot through all those stations. Gosh ! Proud of them ! See the picture on the right corner? She did the Deadman's Crawl for second time. She said she likes that. I think so. 

Anyway Sir Ryui Bynn is going to UK in 2 months. Good luck Sir. The troop without you is gonna less of jokes and laughs ): Everyone gonna miss you alot !

*Lagu Pengakap Malaysia*

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HOOIYAAA ! Ownself know how to write superwoman for this picture but then in reality was totally upside down! You're weak ! HAHAHA Bet this time you can't denied it already right? And YEAH EAT MORE! If you're fat , I teman you together gether go jogging :) 

Nothing is important than your health. I heard your hunny said that you took 7 pills and then only eat one bread ohgosh you gonna be kidding me. lol die you later =\ 


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