Elayne & Jasmine 

I don't know why am I posting this, but yeah I just wanna post about it. Elayne , the one cute as usual I guess so she act it out . She's a good friend. You can notice that she is always emo 24/7 unless that something called love happen on her :D 

Jasmine Kee ! the one that I knew her around 3 years I guess so. She's sporting enough to make jokes with her. She's nice enough to getting really mad with her HAHAHA !


Sherynn Phan♥ 

Sherynn , she the one that I love her so much for 3 years . :) She's 100% perfect to me. Although sometimes she's in bad mood. but still she treats me good . Never though of being so lucky in this entire lifetime could meet you . Out of a zillion of humans I met you . I'm proud of it *TAADAA* We don't hang out so often but then after PMR I'll sure there's one ;) I knew that I made you angry before I think just once in this 3 years? But then never mind it is over :DD I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU! :D

okay what I can say is , you all mean a lot in my life :) Being a great great friends and pet sista :')

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Its time for me to choose what stream should I go to. Pure science will be like super to study those subjects. I don't wanna be a biologist , chemist , physicist . Because that study all this apply to go for overseas are super hard. Account or engineering is good. but then I hate accounts . lol left back engineering. What can I do for engineering? Computer engineering? aww I don't know lah. Might be that's the chance I only have.

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I never though of being study in overseas. But then humans have to move on with their own dreams. So I do , I have to move on. Studying in overseas is like a bright future shinning on you. I can't denied that parents don't want me due to their economies or whatever. But then I just wanna study other places. Getting more knowledge.

In Malaysia , I don't find any fun or friends that really true friends . Tease on me , hurting people with no thinking what they've done. That's them , I don't like it. Malaysia can say is my sad place ever. Broke up with her is the most sad thing I had ever been through. 

Move on people ! Fight for you dream. In your lifetime, just one time , fight for one time the victory is belong to you forever. Is it I'm the one who being racist? I don't think so. In Malaysia' Goverment school , there are a lot teachers are racist. This is why a lot people are migrating out from Malaysia to other countries. 

In fact , Malaysia is a nice place. But then its just not suitable for me. ): my bad Sigh no idea when am I gonna study overseas. Australia? London? New Zealand ? 

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