Hey guys its been so long I not been updating my blog * my bad * its because of exam , tuition and etc . Sigh and the main point of it is got no topic to write about. I'm lifeless ;O 

So get back to here, my sister just bought Satio yesterday. When I was back from tuition , I just put my hand out and she say din't buy ar din't buy ar with the freaking happy mode. Blind also know she just bought it right .

Another thing , iOS4 been download for 10 or 11 times. Failed most of them. But then yesterday night I leaving my computer on and its like at the morning I turn on my computer and its downloaded and ready to install WOOHOO ! Now I'm enjoying it :D

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1.Its my life - Bon Jovi
2.If I ain't got you - Alicia Keys
3.Somewhere over the rainbow ( GLEE VERSION )
4.For good - Sam Tsui and Nick Pitera Version
5.What you waiting for - MizzNina ft. Colby O Donis
6.Russian Roullete - Rihanna
7.The only excription - Paramore
8.Unfaithful - Rihanna

* This is all superb nice songs for me*  

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It was yesterday night in the 2am . I should say it's this morning . I can't get into sleep. I went downstairs took a bottle of cold water and I went upstairs. So after drank it , still can't sleep well so I decided to online. When I was just online not more than 5minutes, Sher Mun post something on my wall and then have chat with her start from there :) 

Chitchat a lot things. Something about Sherynn :O 
HAHAHA! Nevermind lah the secret is inside the heard won't got other people know about it :D

So, she said her brother is back and she got to go . oh well just bye bye lolol!

Sigh doing nothing then go to bed again. Once I lying on the bed with eyes tiredness. I straight fall asleep. How nice is it :) Goshh she's going out to taipan for loitering lol bad girl seyhh . Although she asked me to go , but then I can't go . SAD CASE


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