HEY GUYS ! Its been so damn long im quit from blogging and now I get used to using pixnet instead of blogger loll sometimes blogger sucks -,- secondly the setting here is so damn simple and easy heh ! better than blogger x.x goshh schooool is gonna reopen within 2 weeks time wtfurk time flies fast ! In billion blinks of eyes and form 2 life end just like this , and heading to form 3 for the super duper deathly PMR . Am i gonna stress for it? Maybe will be having tuition till i gonna die heh ! >< lets check out i bet that PMR will reach soon and end it fast in 5days lol. So i can taking badges for scouting . I dontknow what gonna happen next year  , just pray that scout keep on active and get highest respect from teacher and other badan beruniform ( :

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