okayy cousin brother shift to his new house today and i got back my room finally . 2months lol i sleep with my sister . sometimes cannot even sleep propely T_T loll okay back to topic .. i woke up around 11 and get to his new house around 1230 noon took breaklunch there XD nothing much lahhh PS2 till siao ni hahah !after that some people went to swimming and followed them go there and see nothing LOL around 4 went back home and  sleep for an hour plus ..

after nap so damn semangat lol.blogging here XD but kind of sien lorhh nothing to do.I so hope that Min cousin brother can get Avatar 3D ticket for cinema lol cant wait for it christmas got no presents D; im buddhist but still can get one right ;D hahaha nothing much to blog about ... currently using Canon EOS 400D DSLR and capture some stupid things LOL!

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