In so damn soon of 8days time,school is reopening ._. form3 life.Morning classes,walking to school hollyfurk (hopefully no need) I din't realize that time really past that fast , a really fast speed , I wish I could stop the time . But I really miss those form4 next year , kind of a year din't see them , except a few . I really miss them and finally can see them yayy noneed to see those nerd kind form1 .__.

Between in 10 months of time to prepare for PMR , this 10 months will be suffer on studying books really wants to get gooood result and get into science stream,better not accounts . Secondary school's life would u can finish it fast? because its really sucks

Being open minded and mature will let people calling you bitch believe it or not? LOL try it . Bloggers seems like dead to update their blog . Im so damn fed up with my life , its totally M-E-S-S-Y ! Parents trying to ruined up my life ~ *to parents* Let your kids and ruined up your life and see what would you feel and think.

Raining now,Im kind of missing her now! sherry D; idk why that you did it last time like that , im sorry if i was wrong.Everything is too late,you're so far .. far away from me million miles away  you got no idea how much and how deep I loved you before.Just everything too late .

mood : no words could describe this feeling

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