Everyone have a past ... let me talk about mine (: I born on 5 Dec 1995 and when im 5 years old i broke my leg at China during the one year trip at there for spending one year in International school because dad's job and current stay there.I broke my leg because of the jumpling bed and a massalehh damn blardy huge just bang on my and land on my leg . So , just like that i broke -,- Hospital at local for 2months and back to the house at China for 2weeks and take a plane back to Malaysia.Its pretty hurt when the air pressure are pressuring my leg like squezzing some orange juice only D; SJMC for another month and finally recoverd (; . 9 Years old , standard 3 , apendix *not that sure isit spell it like this* I remember quite cleary that is damn pain .. for days and admitted hospital after days lol.Waiting 2hours for the operation room omfgg i totally cant wait anymore. Finally my mom saw the Dr Goon , that's ex Asunta Hospital doctor and he straight empty a operation room for me.2weeks MC for primary school lol and recoverd ;D Form1 throat tonser .. this will cause the hard breathing and the trocthea . Operation AGAIN ! lol
Present .. now PMR ! study study and study nothing else much lols nevermind Future, form3/2010 will be the first badge ever having rambu muda ! and we sure that 132 is the best ever from the others . Once a scout always a scout ( : thanks to Sir Yuliang for his hardworking and spending time to guide us for passing badges :D

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