Friends , theres alot type of friends from normal , good , best , girl/boy friend everyone sure have friends just like using facebook sure damn alot strangers add you up then saying hi or what and then from that momment on another friend in your life.Doesnt mean that dont talk to each other means not friend , just because you all havent get well to each other.

I got no idea some friends will betrayed their best best friend ever just for money or anything that they think good for them . serious I been betrayed before , I treat him as my best friend but sometimes it just like this .I dont know why god create human and seperating into two sex.Why should be guys and girls together and end up broke the another's heart . Its painful.

There's infinity of question that waiting us to solve it.Thomas Edision just solved one of it by creating bulb.Newton solved apart of it by getting knew that earth having gravity.I wanna know,how's earth future.Billions of question inside my mind that why this why that.Maybe until the day we die,not 100% questions will be solved.We will bring the question and ask the God why.

I get a news that she broke up,she gets hurt,heart breaking,seems cant breathing anymore,she loved him much,but he treat her like this.Oh my dear darling, get yourself recover my mei (:

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