Happy Chinese New Year ;D

YOYOYO! here comes the Chinese New Year ! Come to me angpau ;) remember to fill in with *blank cheque* TEEHEE today from 3+afternoon sms-ing jie till now LOL! and she skating at sunway for around 2-3hours OMG ! .___.

Then tuition that time yuin shean sms-ed me said that she's boring in the car and ask me to chat and now dint reply summore haihs.waste my credit siall.Next week whole week *off* weeeeeeee take a break for own hehe If I got enough of money i would like to buy alot alot alot stuff and giving out presents like santa hahahah !

On 8 of march - 12 of march ( exam )
On 13 of march - 17 of march ( ekspidisi mendaki gunung batu putih )

Its like one day after exam weyhhh gahhh die die die ! sure no time to buy stuff de D: SKIP THIS TOPIC ~

Valentines day coming d lahh lol wei hong gave grace present d lehh what about me? loll nothing to give because got no one to give weyh ... nevermind lah i give to jie ni lahh XD gahh she said maybe she will think for creating blog lol u better do it ;D TIRED NOW CHAO GUYS

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