OOPS im late for updating my blog >< hahhah HAPPY VALENTINE (: to all the couples wish u all happy always yaa :D

currently at Kepala Batas,P.Penang gahh here is so damn hot got a feeling like in India LOL! *sweating* whole day sms meiji LOL I and her is gonna getting fatter and fatter d , the whole CNY keep eating only LOL !

Btw I got alot of angpao (; Its afford for G900 d. hehe mayb is okayy lah but Aino seems better O_O I WAN I WAN I WAN !!!!

phewfff ohya guys if u all get a chance to youtube listen to Valentine by Kina Grannis (: its so mean omgoshhh I cant stop listening for this song and keep singing all the time ;D

tata gtg (:

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