lets see last monday went back to hometown - Kepala Batas , Penang . Its so blardy hot weather got feeling in a microwave phewfff when i reach there sms with meiji till night time LOL! got nothing better to do what *shakes head* 

angpau money more than rm 350 and less than 400 (: HAHAHA Im afford to buy a G900 d woohooo I wanted to buy it last time but too bad D; nvm HAHAHA now I think so quite cheap d guaa

ohhyaa exam's coming soon not gonna having time to updating my blog and onlining and starring at computer for doing nothing  I must get ownself some break before having exam.I found out that alot ppl using computer for nothing than chatting and facebook gaming lols 

gtg byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D:D  chaoo

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