I got my violin classes today :D started from beginner phewff the thing I most dislike is have to take ABRSM Theory D: gawsshh thinks what? I hate theory alots superb weyhh LOL~ don't know why but seriously hate it (: 

I think either using my sister violin or I get another Full Size Violin for me =D too bad who call I big in body size? :P tell u what .. the violin teacher much more hotter than Pn Lily O_O *skip this* 

weeee getting my electric guitar soon WOOHOO I can jam d HULALA little brother getting a set of drum . LOL! there's a band sis can be vocal violinist pianist and I lead guitarist or bass guitarist and little bro as drummer HAHAHAHA

Expedition Gunung Batu Putih coming soon this Saturday after Scout meeting gahh I serious hope that its a goooood sunny day

gtg :)  chaoooo guys :D 

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