This picture was capture through print screen :D

That I suppose of taking Sharmaine Xinhui Kaur's picture through webcam and she is so shy tsk tsk *what lah you* but then she still captured by me for a few pictures.

Those pictures I keep ni lah HAHA later if I post it out she don't want to friend me ady T.T *skip* Just woke up from nap phewf taking nap gonna be my habit x.x LOL tired lerhhh ishhh

This day is so CRAZY about GLEE !!!! glee club ~ glee club ~ how good if Malaysia having all this clubs at secondary or maybe high school right? but you know how Malaysia  government's working attitude , I bet you won't like to know about it :D if I can get DVD(s) for Glee for FREE how nice for it , watching over and over again ! TEEHEE !!!!


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