I never though I could find the aspiration of study actually . However I did found it. I don't know why , but then this holidays got nothing to do , and in the early morning I woke up around nearly to 8 everyday in this holidays. Then I turned on the TV and 'chasing episodes' of some drama after that took my breakfast.

Oh so yeah , not really everyday I can log in to my facebook , inbox due to modem been removing from the rounter by father every morning eventhough I knew that the modem is inside my parents' room but the sad thing is they locked the door before heading to work.So I sitting in front of the computer , TV , playing psp and sleep. That's all my activities in the past few days.Time is gold, I can't let it flew away without doing anything that is important and useful for my life.

In the coming up 4months , I don't know how tough the life will be , how busy I am , how stress I gonna be , I will face it . Its the fate , can't denied it.I wish in one day that I could finish my secondary school' life in a blink of eyes.Its like I so envy my sister college life although there's a lot of assignments , presentation , I don't mind , I just wanna get the FREEDOM ! 

Being myself in this house , I feels like I got locked by something that are doesn't exist in my heart . Maybe society life is much more suitable for me :) This freedom will comes to me , just timing problem. Gotta go. Perhaps can update this blog due to seldom online this days  

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